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Sacred Ground: The Cultural Implication of Nature-Based Therapy and the Intersection of Culture

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The fifth chapter of the book Nature-based Play & Expressive Therapies is authored by Dr. Harleen Hutchison entitled Sacred Ground: The Cultural Implication of Nature-based Therapy with Young Children and the Intersection of Culture. This chapter aims to

examine and consider issues of equity and power in the infant and early childhood mental health green space and the intersection across topics of diversity, anti-racist values, cross disciplinary perspectives and parallel process during interactions with parents and their children. In this chapter, Dr. Hutchison shares a nature-based case vignette that lends itself to race, and implicit bias guided by the principles of the Diversity Informed Tenets.

Dr. Harleen Hutchison is a licensed psychologist, an endorsed Infant Mental Health Clinician, Executive Director of the Journey institute, Inc, and an Adjunct Professor at Barry University School of Social Work. She is a provider of reflective supervision, academic lectures, and she provides consultation both locally and nationally on issues relating to trauma, maternal mental health, attachment, and pediatric bereavement.

Be sure to enjoy Dr. Hutchison's chapter along with all the chapters in our book and download your accompanying handouts over on our HOME PAGE.

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