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Into the Great Forest: Fairy Tale Themes of the Wild Take Shape in Sandplay

The 15th chapter in Nature-based Play & Expressive Therapies entitled Into the Great Forest: Fairy Tale Themes of the Wild Take Shape in Sandplay is authored by one of our editors Dr. Rosalind Heiko. This chapter invites child and family therapists to engage with child clients regarding the natural world within the safe container of our offices with fairy tale themes in storytelling and Sandplay about The Great Forest and some of the beings who inhabit the forest. Through this chapter therapists are encouraged to view the creation of sand-trays through a nature play therapy lens utilizing objects found in nature such as plants, flowers, trees, feathers, stones, crystals, and leaves. These items can be represented literally or symbolically. The natural grounding material of the sand itself, with or without the addition of water, can become an indoor extension of the natural world. Additionally, therapists can explore how clients' stories feature deep connection to the natural world. This chapter incorporates pertinent storytelling and Sandplay case examples that explore the strength and vitality of nature inside the playroom. 

Dr. Roz Heiko was asked about her experience contributing to this book. She said,

"This project was quite exciting! Not only was I delighted to explore the nature of archetypal sand journeys in the fantasy lands of the Great Forest; but I also thoroughly enjoyed the editing process. working closely with a number of talented chapter authors."

Rosalind Heiko, PhD, RPT-S (aka “Dr. Roz”) is a child and family licensed psychologist, and Sandplay teacher, training therapists nationally and internationally for over 35 years. She is an Executive Board Member of the World Association of Sand Therapy Professionals. Her most recent book is A Therapist’s Guide to Mapping the Girl Heroine’s Journey in Sandplay (Rowman & Littlefield) and she has published chapters in books edited by Eliana Gil and Eric Green as well. You can learn more about her work RIGHT HERE.

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